Madison Avenue Gift Basket
Madison Avenue Gift Basket
Woven Basket
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 Full of variety and flavor, this premium basket brims with the highest quality gourmet foods and confections.

A picnic-style hamper holds Jumbo Toffee Peanuts, Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate, Vino Rosso Dry Salami, Mixed Vegetable Antipasti, Saraivanov Smoked Salmon, Biscotti, and many more of our most sought after delicacies. 

Truly a cut above the rest. Please view the "What's Inside" tab for more information. Measures 18" x 12" x 7".

What's Inside

-Jumbo Toffee Peanuts 4.9 oz: By Virginia Cocktail Company, these hand-selected and hand-prepared peanuts are from the fields of Virginia where the largest peanuts grow. Covered in a sweet, crunchy toffee coating.
-Aaron Bell Almonds 1.5 oz: A healthy snack with a little heat! Seasoned almonds are sprinkled with just the right amount of salt and spice.
-Chocolat Classic Dark Chocolate Pastilles 1.75 oz: Decadent and fruity pastilles and covered in rich dark chocolate. Chewy and delicious, these are a hard-to-share treat.
-Macadams' Lemon Tea Cookies 2 oz: Buttery shortbread cookies with ambrosial lemon flair. Blanketed in soft powdered sugar.
-Cassil & Klein Biscotti 1.62 oz: Baked Italian dipping cookie featuring a crisp texture and toasted almond flavor. Instantly turns coffee into a gourmet experience!
-Aaron Bell Pretzels 4 oz: A snack that everyone enjoys. Bite-sized pretzels born from Old World recipes are coated with a light salt dusting.
-Lemon Drops 4 oz: Lemon shaped hard candies with a sour sweet sensation that will make your mouth sing!
-Busseto Dry Salami con Vino 7 oz: By Vino Rosso. Using old world recipes, this traditional salami is generously spiced, coarse ground, and then air-dried for a savory flavor.
-Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate Bar 3 oz: Blended from a variety of cocoa beans from around the world, this signature bar is creamy, sweet, fruity, and floral. Made in Vermont.
-Elki Sesame Water Crackers 2.2 oz: A thin, crisp cracker with a hint of fresh roasted sesame flavor that combines beautifully with dips, cheese, and bruschetta.
-Saraivanov Smoked Salmon 4 oz: Pacific salmon is smoked to perfection for that outstanding taste you know and love. An impressive edible by Saraivanov.
-Spicy Snack Mix 2 oz: A spicy blend of stars, crisps, twists, and puffs. Perfect for a cocktail party or for an appetizing snack.
-Gourmet Seasoned Popcorn 1 oz: Premium, all-natural popcorn generously coated in savory cheese and spice blends. By Oogie's.
-Petit Soleil Bonbons au Chocolat 2 oz: Chocolate covered sunflower seeds with a candy coating in a rainbow of colors. A salty, sweet treat that is difficult to resist!
-Mixed Vegetables Grilled Antipasti 7.9 oz: All natural. Fresh zucchini, portabella mushrooms, and red peppers are marinated and grilled to perfection.
-Chocolat Classic Milk Chocolate Pastilles 1.75 oz: Sweet and fruity pastilles and covered in rich milk chocolate. Chewy and decadent all at once, these delicious treats always please.

If any substitutions are necessary, they will be made with items of equal or greater value.