The Jet Bag - 3 per order
The Jet Bag - 3 per order
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Called the “Jet Bag,” this product is a carrier that will help protect your wine, and in case of breakage, absorb up the liquid before it can damage the contents of your luggage.

You’ve heard of horror stories in which carefully chosen wine bottles broke in a suitcase on the way home from a vacation; your clothes are ruined, and worst of all—your wine is gone! From a desire to minimize this risk of travelling with wine, the idea for the Jet Bag was born.

Made from the same material used in baby diapers, the Jet Bag provides a protective padding for your wine to minimize the chance of breakage. This absorbent material will also quickly soak up any possible spills if breakage does occur. This ensures that clothing and other items in the suitcase stay safe from damaging stains.

Designed as a compact sleeve, it simply slips over your wine bottle and fastens shut with a zipper seal at the top, creating an air-tight environment. An inexpensive item, priced at only $15.00 for a 3-pack, the Jet Bag is a great investment to ensure that your wine purchase arrives safely at its destination.

The Jet Bag is bio-degradable, eco-friendly, and is made in the United States

Just 18 inches tall and weighing just .3 ounces the Jet Bag can easily hold up to a 750 ml bottle and contain its contents if broken. It is reusable over and over as long as there is not bottle breakage inside.