Retro Candy Deluxe Assortment
Retro Candy Deluxe Assortment
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Remember the good old days of penny candy and the thrill of visiting the local mom & pop candy store to purchase Pixy Stix? All those memories will come flooding back with this gift of Sweet Nostalgia.

Inside a retro Dots lunchbox we include hard-to-find favorite candies from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, including a Pez dispenser, Nik-L-Nip, a Clark Bar, Candy Buttons, Mary Jane Candy, Cracker Jacks, and much more. Please view the What's Inside tab for a complete list of included candies.

A fun gift for any occasion. Measures 14" x 10" x 6".

What's Inside

Recipients will be treated to:

-Original Pez Dispenser with Pez Refill
-Nik L Nip Wax Drinks
-Atkinson's Chick-O-Stick
-Candy Necklace
-Necco Candy Buttons
-Old Fashioned Striped Hard Candy Stick
-Apple Heads
-Necco Clark Bar
-Chiclets 12 Piece Gum
-Necco Original Wafers
-Mary Jane Candy
-Cracker Jacks