Bon Service Decanter Gift Set - 5 pieces
Bon Service Decanter Gift Set - 5 pieces
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A complete 5-piece set of decanting essentials packed in one box. Laser engraving available.

Contains one each:

Pomerol Medium Decanter (1 Qt., 22 Oz., rim-full capacity) Dimensions: 8.75"x8.5"

Decanter Ball Stopper - Dimensions: 2.5" The decanter ball is made of solid glass with a flattened base. Place on top of decanter to seal your decanter. Also makes a distinctive paperweight. 2-1/2" dia.

Decanter Drying Stem - Nickel plated with rubber gripper at the end of the stem. - economy style - Dimensions: 13"x6.75"

Glass Decanter Funnel - Beautiful clear glass decanter with curved spout assures the wine flow will be directed towards the wall of the decanter while decanting to assure adequate aeration of the wine. Dimensions: 5"x4"

Decanter Cleaning Balls, stainless steel - Pour cleaning balls into decanter. Add a small amount of water. Swirl gently until the decanter is clean. Rinse and dry the balls for re-use. Comes in a re-closable plastic jar. Caution: Cleaning balls can damage dishwashers and garbage disposals.

This set comes in a beautiful 4-color box.
Measures 13-1/2" X 11-3/4" X 10".