Lamp Parafin Oil for Wine Candles
Lamp Parafin Oil for Wine Candles
Pewter Wick CCO-103347Ceramic Wick CCF-8375
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32 oz. plastic bottle of clean, pure liquid paraffin wax (lamp oil) for use with CCF- 8375 and CCO-103347 Smokeless, odorless. Made in USA.

Create instant ambience by turning your empty wine or champagne bottle into a romantic candle light lamp. Fill a clean bottle 3/4 full with Liquid Candle Wax (Lamp Oil) - CCF-8380. Insert and submerge the wick into the bottle with the ceramic (CCF-8375) or pewter (CCO-103347) candle on top. The glass chimney fits on top and helps prevent smoking by reducing air movement around the flame. A 3/4 filled bottle can give up to 24 hours of light. 10" wick.
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