Wine Preserva Wine Shield, 6 Pak with Insert Fork
Wine Preserva Wine Shield, 6 Pak with Insert Fork
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Today, there is a major shift taking place in the wine industry when it comes to wine preservation. Wine Preserva Wine Shield is a truly effective solution in the long-standing battle against wine oxidation.

It works, and not only does it work – it works extremely well, preserving wine for up to 5 days in the bottle. Taste and nose are both preserved – claims that are backed up by scientific testing by ETS Laboratories of Napa, the industry’s leading wine-centric testing facility.

100% recyclable FDA approved material.  Latest patented innovation in wine preservation.  The Wine Preserva is a disc system which, when inserted in an opened bottle of wine, keeps the aroma and taste of the wine "at restaurant quality" for 5 days.  The Wine Preserva is simple, easy and safe to use.  Very successful in Australia with both professionals and consumers. The 50 pak comes with 50 individually packed discs with one insert fork.

After using the Wine Preserva on three opened bottles of wine for four days, Harvey Steiman (Wine Spectator Editor at Large) stated that "all the wines tasted exactly" as when first opened.

The 6 pak is the perfect trial pack.  Free Shipping

Dimensions:  2 7/8" diameter