Power Tower Corkscrew Deluxe - Stainless Steel
Power Tower Corkscrew Deluxe - Stainless Steel
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You will be amazed at how easily this new corkscrew opens your wine! Power Tower dramatically increases your leverage pulling power to ease the cork from the bottle. One of the best corkscrews you will ever use. Works with natural, synthetic or agglomerate corks.

To Use: Raise the Power Tower handle to the full upright position. Place the unit over the wine bottle. Grip the rubber grips on each side of the cylinder with your other hand to prevent the bottle from turning during extraction. Ease the handle downward and the Teflon coated spiral inserts into the cork. Raise the handle upward. The cork is out! Raise the handle up again and the cork will fall off the spiral.

Stainless Steel body
Includes replacement spiral and nickel plated foil cutter
Magnetic storage box
Instructions included

Measurements: H - 7-5/8 inches W - 4-7/8 inches (incl. handle) Diameter 2-1/4 inches (cylinder)