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Vinnebago Testimony

Excerpt from "My New Favorite Thing" 
"The product promises to keep cold liquids cold (yes, including wine) for 25 hours, and hot liquids hot for 12 hours — whatever the temperature of the liquid poured into the Vinnebago, that’s the temperature it’s guaranteed to keep. On day one of the trip, skeptical to waste a bottle of wine if the Vinnebago proved itself untrustworthy, I poured ice cold water into the canister and headed to the beach. I left the bottle in the 90 degree heat all day long, right out in the open. To my surprise, the water kept cold the entire day. I’m talking freezing cold. In fact, the next morning, an entire 24 hours later, I took a sip of water from the canteen which still held some of the previous day’s water, and it was the same icy cold temperature. The best part is that the bottle remained cool to the touch the entire time, even when everybody on the beach was melting. It never “sweat” from condensation or got hot from the sun, and just felt like your run-of-the-mill, room temperature bottle."MORE

Did You Know?

How Resveratrol Packs Red Wine with Health

"Laboratory research, moreover, has revealed significant blood anti coagulant & anti inflammatory effects arising from action of resveratrol" Read more

Wine Lover Gifts for Any Occassion
Over 300 wine accessory products to choose from.  Shop with us today!


Savino Todays Wine Tomorrow
Savino accomplishes what it implies.  Who doesn't want to save good wine?

In Stock and Available - Made completely in the USA, the Savino wine saving glass carafe is a new approach to preserving wine.  "It does not try to control the environment of an opened bottle of wine."  Instead Savino uses a float to block air from touching the wine, thus creating a new environment to preserve and serve the wine.  The float stays inside the decanter even when you pour your glass of wine.  The Savino holds a 750 ml bottle of wine, has a drip-free rim, and stores easily in your refrigerator.  We have found it to be equally effective with white and rose wines as well.  Bonus:  It is diswasher safe. 

In one customer's words - "Wow!  The Savino far exceeded my expectations....Yeah for saving good wine."  
On sale for a limited time - 15% off.


A new slant on whiskey sipping.  2 per order

Take the edge off with Whiskey Wedge, the artful way to perfectly chill, but not water down your favorite spirits. Designed to melt much slower than smaller traditional ice cubes, Whiskey Wedge helps retain your drink’s full flavor. 

How it works.

Place silicone form over top of the glass. Fill glass with water through the fill hole on top of silicone form.
Fill up to the marked “Fill Line”. Do not overfill.

Store flat in freezer for at least 4 hours or until ready to use. Remove silicone from glass by pulling up on corner tab and/or placing fingers in the two holes on top of silicone form and pulling up.
The glass now contains a perfect wedge of slow-melting ice. Fill with your favorite spirit and enjoy.


Keep It Cool  ( more wine refrigeration)

At last, a wine refrigerator for narrow spaces! This freestanding 18 bottle, dual zone unit fits perfectly in those empty nooks and corners of your kitchen, living room or any room.  Protects the taste of reds and whites with virtually silent cooling technology in 2 zones. Exterior digital touchscreen controls makes adjusting temperature easy. Reflective smoked-glass Thermopane door with stainless steel trim, 7 pull-out chrome shelves and interior LED lighting complete this wine refrigeration unit.

Energy efficient, CFC-free and ETL approved for electrical performance and reliability.

CORKCICLE Wine Chiller


FREE Shipping for 3 or more

Yes she did!!  Oprah chose the Corkcicle wine chiller as one of her favorite things for 2012. Now we have the new and improved Corkcicle.One.

Keeping your wines at just the right drinking temperatures is a tough task. Too cold and it could mask the vinter's uniquely crafted complexities. Too warm and the flavors may take a back seat to the alcohol.

The answer to this perplexity? Corkcicle. Placed inside the bottle, Corkcicle chills the wine from the inside, keeping it the perfect temperature. Now meet the next generation of cool.  Forged out of stainless steel with the same signature icicle look, Corkcicle.One includes a new pour through feature, as well as a state of the art aerator that instantly expands the aromatic profile of your wine as you pour.  Reusable. Use for both red and white wines.  


32 Bottle Barrel Wine Rack

32 Bottle Barrel Wine Rack

Wine racks can be aesthetic, functional or both. Bring home the casual elegance of a winery with the 32 Bottle Barrel Wine Rack made from actual wine barrels.  Each barrel has been used in wine production for 2-5 years, and has a beautiful wine stained finish on the inside.

The 15 bottle Bali wine rack in pumpkin spice brings a little southwest flair to any kitchen or bar.  Bali wave wine racks are available in multiple sizes and colors to fit a variety of decors.  The contemporary style of this rack offers simply elegant wine storage solutions for the small collector.    

Check out our full selection of wine storage racks.  We have a variety of solutions from economical to special furniture style wine cabinets.  Our inventory is growing. (view all wine racks)




 WOW! You will be amazed at how easily this corkscrew opens your wine!  Power Tower dramatically increases your leverage pulling power to ease the cork from the bottle.  One of the best corkscrews you will ever use.  Works with natural, synthetic or agglomerate corks. Available in stainless steel or more economical base metal styles.

Shop our full selection of  wine openers.  Choose between boxed gift sets, mounted uncorking machines, openers with table stands or antique style corkscrews.


Royal Four Bottle Cooler, Sealed

Four Bottle Sealed Compartment Cooler

Keep your wine chilled while serving with grace and sophistication.  This elegant sculptured round, highly polished stainless nickel plate over brass, four bottle wine chiller has two sturdy handles. What a wonderful way to keep up to four bottles of your favorite wine dry and chilled, each in their own sealed compartment.  The small lid at the top-center gives access to the ice chamber.

Additional wine chilling and refrigeration choices available.


Wine Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

Check out all of our wine carriers and transport your wine in style.  Our wine totes and baskets also make great gifts for others, or yourself. We have a large selection of carriers, backpacks and picnic baskets that are perfect gift choices for multiple occasions from housewarmings to anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, corporate gifts or just to carry your own special wine.

Corporate orders and personalization available by phone. 


FREE SHIPPING - orders of 3 or more

As a gift to decorate a special bottle of wine, or used for your own entertaining, these wine bottle necklaces will charm your host or your guests.  Choose either a sea shell, a reindeer, a snowman, or all three.  The decorative aspect goes a step further with removable wine charms attached at the bottom of the necklace.  Makes a great stocking stuffer for the wine lover, too.  Take them along to the beach or on a winter ski or snowbile outing. Their warmth and wimsy add to any celebration or gathering.


Cedon Uncorking Machine
For the Serious Wine Lover

The Cedon Uncorking Machine, made in Germany, is either gold plated or nickel plated - your choice.  Cedon is the standard by which other uncorking machines are judged. 

Bench mounted with a sturdy vise clamp and wing nut.  Superior spiral design.  10 1/2" lever arm.  12" tall.  Depth from handle top to back of machine is 12'.  Can accommodate a maximum counter thickness of 1 3/4"

The Next Step for Vinturi


Still one of the best choices for holiday gifting! 

Vinturi introduces greater convenience and greater flair for their ever popular Vinturi Wine Aerator in the  Vinturi Deluxe Aerator Gift SetA gorgeous 12-3/4"-tall holding tower for by the glass service supports the star of this set, the Vinturi Red Wine Aerator. Tower also features a no-splash grate at the base for catching drips.  The set also includes a no drip base and travel pouch.

Check out many of our other fine wine accessories as well as more wine aeration options.


NUANCE WINE FINER (more wine accessory products) 

IN STOCK - 3 or more ship FREE

Designed by Marcus Vagnby for Nuance of Denmark, the Wine Finer serves a number of functions in a single unit: aerator, filter, no drip pourer, stopper.

Our inventory of wine accessories also includes other openers/corkscrews, aerators, decanters, wine and champagne preservation systems, chillers, thermometers and more.


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